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Collection J.P Olveira Marine fossils from Portugal and Marine Shells of the World

Over 20 years devoted to malacology and more than 15 of the collecting fossils.

This space have main objective, the divulgation of collecting - Fossils, Shells and Minerals, as well as their commercialization.

You will also have as a topic of  photography and  travels.


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Dragoshells-jp - Portugal

My travels...

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Travel Diary - J.P Oliveira

Planet Earth - A world full of life and color...

This is our world. The our house... The my house. Any place... Planet Earth. - J.P Oliveira  

Phuket - Thailand 2011


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Photo Gallery - Collections

Neptunus granulatus

Crabs fossils...videos YouTube.  

Carcharocles chubutensis

See also... Carcharocles megalodon - videos YouTube.  

Several species of fossil Clypeaster and Echinolampas of Portugal

Clypeaster olisponensis Sea urchins fossils...videos YouTube.  

Collection José Joaquim - Fossils from the Jurassic of Portugal

Also beautiful scientific illustrations of Dinosaurus...  

Lepus europaeus

Almost fossil...?  


Flash Photo Gallery - Rare minerals  

Monsters VS Aliens

If you are easily impressionable...not enter this gallery!  

Butterflies, Moths and Caterpillars

Moth Atlas, or Atlas-giant (Attacus atlas). Videos YouTube...  

Spirula spirula, Linnaeus 1758

Nautilus and Argonauta, live...videos YouTube.  

Discography Old Portuguese (Fado Attribute - World Heritage)

Oil Painting Malhoa  - More about Portugal...videos YouTube -  


Special Gallery - Art of Photography - Several topics - Presented in: Flash Slideshow - Videos YouTube