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20 years to                                      Fossil collecting


Welcome to dragoshells-jp.com

In this my project come with me to discover a fantastic world about Malacology, Paleontology and the pleasure of traveling around the World. Here you can find some interesting information on these three themes, that connect perfectly with each other. Photos, articles and much more...

During more than thirty years I have collected and cataloged many marine shells and fossils. Particularly specimens from Portugal. Along all these years, has been a hard work, but full of pleasure. The preparation of vertebrate fossils from the Upper Jurassic, particularly of Dinosaurs has been another great personal challenge. Difficult, but extraordinary...

This is a project that is always evolutionary progress and you can also contribute with information, if you wish to do it... Good suggestions and ideas are always welcome.

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Tucson Gem Mineral and Fossil, Show 2020

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