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Fossils of Portugal - Upper Jurassic


My collection. My history...

Fossils of Portugal 

18/11/2018 12:51

After Malacology, came also the passion for Paleontology. At the moment my collection is composed by many and rare fossils of Portugal, caught and prepared by me.

Seashells of the World

18/11/2018 12:51

My fascination with shells was born more than 30 years ago, transforming me since then into a specialized collector, in inexhaustible hours of pleasure in the preparation and conservation of the shells, or simply in their cataloguing.

This gallery is about the theme of Collection Seashells of Portugal, aiming at the dissemination of our vast and rich fauna of marine molluscs.

Seashells from Portugal and the World

I have several species for sale. Rare and beautiful shells from various parts of the world

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