Homo sapiens habilis erectus...(new species)

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Cracteristicas: Homo sapiens sapiens

"The scientific name of the modern man is Homo Sapiens Sapiens. And that's very important for reminding us that we are, doubly wise... and so, doubly stupid."  The phrase is not mine... but, I like it.

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Want to thank all friends and visitors, who somehow visit my site. As you know the development and maintenance of a website is expensive, requires time and some investment. So I hereby appeal to your generosity, which may contribute in some way, to give a good continuation to this space. Space that you want to be more than a simple online store.

Always as much as possible try to do better by putting more information, photographs, addressing new topics, improving the overall appearance. And, if possible with your help...

Can donate to the site. That somehow you can also offer help with some benefit to donors (ex.Advertising and Other).
Or they can make donations for the benefit of helping someone...I travel quite frequently. Andthese trips I have helped many people! Your donations can also reach these people? There arecertainly people who need your help?

Where I've been I've seen a lot of misery... is the small gestures that make the good better?
The decision is yours, make it better understand what...

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