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Dragoshells-jp: does not encourage any illegal collect of specimens of Fossils or Seashells, or their trade...    

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Dragoshells-jp; respects individual privacy and values the trust of its users, customers and partners. As such, we are committed to protecting the personal information you share with us. This page describes how we use this information.

I. Data reception                                                                                                                                        By giving us your personal information, voluntarily, it will only be accessed by our services. Personal information is considered to be anything that can be used to identify a user, such as name, e-mail address, title, date of birth, gender, profession, personal interests or other data necessary for us to provide the requested service or even improve the operation of the Site. We do not automatically record personal information, including your IP address. The registration of the IP addresses that consult the Site serve only for the purpose of statistical analysis of traffic. The data provided will not be transferred to third parties without your prior consent, but may be used within our website or by another company, acting as agent or partner of our site for processing or mail.

II. Update of the information                                                                                                                   If, at any time, you wish to stop receiving e-mails or other communications with us, or if you have sent personally identifiable information through our Site and would like this information to be deleted from the records, please notify us at:  dragoshells.jp@gmail.com  Correction or change of your data is also possible.

III. Links to Third Party Sites                                                                                                                By courtesy to our visitors, our Site contains links to some third party Sites, which, in our opinion, may contain useful information. The Privacy Policy presented here, does not apply to these Sites, so we strongly advise you to consult their Privacy Policy.

IV. Others                                                                                                                                                      The material provided on this Site, in text and image, is property of Dragoshell-jp, or third parties; its use is made with the proper authorization of its authors. Unauthorized use constitutes a crime punishable by law. If you have doubts or have any questions about how we manage the information, please send us an email to: dragoshells.jp@gmail.com                                                                       This address is also reserved for the communication of facts that may, in one way or another, infringe any of the explicit rules in this policy, as well as compromise the security of the Site and its normal functioning.

V. Updates                                                                                                                                                    Any changes made to the Privacy Policy of this Site will be described on this page and may be made at any time. If the change is substantial and has implications for how we use your data, you will be informed by a notice on the site's home page.

VI. Return / Devolution                                                                                                                              All of my items for sale, are managed by me in all stages until the shipment of the order to the customer. Before buying any of my items, you should check all the technical details described in the listing of each item, check the price and shipping costs. Only refunds will be considered, if the item bought, does not correspond to the entire description of the ad. The return of the item/s, must be previously combined to: dragoshells.jp@gmail.com 

VII. Sending of orders                                                                                                                              Shipping orders, are despatched throughout the world, by the National Postal Service of Portugal (www.cttexpresso.pt), in registered mail. Other means of sending, will have to be requested, in previous antecedence. All items are properly packed, ensuring maximum security to the shipping origin. Even with all the care, I can not guarantee 100%, absence of damages, done by third parties. Item insurance may be made, if requested previously to: dragoshells.jp@gmail.com

VIII. Payment and Shipping Costs                                                                                                        The main payment service of the Site, is PayPal. This service offers good security for both parties and simplicity. For those who are not registered with PayPal, have no problem making the payment. Simply follow all required payment steps on the Site and PayPal. So you can usually pay with any card. Any other payment method, will have to be requested to: dragoshell.jp@gmail.com  Shipping costs; at this time the Site still only have a single option of calculation value. For this reason, the value is configured for free shipping costs (0.00 euros). For all other items, the information is added to confirm in advance the respective value of the shipping costs. 

Date of publication of this legal warning: November 2018

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