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J.P Oliveira - Colletions                                                                        These beautiful sea shells have always fascinated me through the ages. Some species seem to challenge the imagination of the natural architecture of living beings, where the fantastic has no limits...            The Muricidae Family represents about 10% of Neogastropoda, with about 1200 valid species and many others to be validated. Part of this family has superb thorns or colors combined with complex shapes.

Shell description: Muricid shells are variably shaped, generally with a raised spire and strong sculpture with spiral ridges and often axial varices (typically three or more varices on each whorl), also frequently bearing spines, tubercles, or blade-like processes. Periostracum is absent in this family. The aperture is variable in shape; it may be ovate to more or less contracted, with a well-marked anterior siphonal canal that may be very long. The shell's outer lip is often denticulated inside, sometimes with a tooth-like process on its margin. The columella is smoothish to weakly ridged. The operculum is corneous and of variable thickness, with the nucleus near the anterior end or at about midlength of the outer margin. - wikipedia

Hardy's Internet Guide to Marine Gastropods

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NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM ROTTERDAM - Mollusca - Gastropoda - Muricidae

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