My collection of seashells from Portugal

Portugal. Peniche, Baleal. 2019

My family, collecting shells. Sesimbra, Praia do Cavalo. Portugal, 2015
My family, collecting shells. Sesimbra, Praia do Cavalo. Portugal, 2015

My collection of seashells from Portugal

This page is dedicated to the theme of collection of Portuguese Marine Shells. The objective is to divulge our vast and rich fauna of marine molluscs, as well as to contribute to a better understanding of the meaning and importance of Malacology in Portugal. Personally, I am a Conquilogist specialized in collection seashells for over 30 years. Malacology is the scientific area that delves into the science of Molluscs, this area that I only have some basic knowledge. My daughter, who studies Marine Biology, may one day become an expert in this area of Malacology...

All photos of the specimens presented here, are from my private collection (J.P Oliveira), collected over several years, from north to south of the coast of Portugal. Some of the very rare species, or from deep waters and difficult to obtain, were kindly provided by several fishermen... my most sincere thanks. 

Cymbium olla (Linnaeus, C., 1758). Portugal, Sesimbra
Cymbium olla (Linnaeus, C., 1758). Portugal, Sesimbra

Note: Message for future collectors and for everyone else who has been dedicated to collecting shells over the years. Always have as a rule, respect for the preservation of specimens and their natural habitat. Not collecting more specimens than are necessary, for to be able to have a collection pleasant, beautiful and a pedagogical interest. 

Malacological study of seashells

King D. Carlos was the great pioneer of Oceanography in Portugal and in the world, adopting and improvising, himself, research devices and chemical formulas of his own. He systematically performed collections of a very varied of marine species, including also many species of molluscs along the coast, between the abyss and the coas. Much of the current knowledge of Portuguese Oceanography is owed to him...

"Carlos took a personal interest in deep-sea and maritime exploration and used several yachts named Amélia on his oceanographical voyages. He published an account of his own studies in this area." wikipedia

                                          King of Portugal

                                          28 September 1863 - 1 February 1908


Then followed, Professor Augusto Nobre (1865-1946), naturalist and university professor, consecrated valuable studies to the malacological fauna of Portugal. He took care to compile information of shells collected by foreign oceanographic ships that traveled along our coasts, in time of King Carlos, in addition to several collection that he himself performed on the coast.The publications of his works about malacology led to the identification of about 1200 species, more than 1600 are currently known in Portugal.

There are not many current publications on the Portuguese malacological fauna, but a magnificent publication by Verbo, published in 1998 (Conchas Marinhas de Portugal, by Maria Cândida Consolado Macedo) stands out. The publication was published with the sponsorship of Shell Portuguesa, at the time of the Lisbon World Exhibition - Expo'98.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      J.P Oliveira

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