NEWSLETTER: The 12th of June 2022, Portugal

Dear friends, collectors, or simply visitors. Once again I'm remodeling my website, in a final and possible format... When everything is totally remodeled, it will have an aspect much more pleasant and easier to navigate through the pages. Many and new content are being added. New pages. New photos with quality. The description of new Fossils and Shells. In the end it will almost be a new website...
Among the new contents includes the new and very important section «J.P Oliveira Internet Guide to Marine Shells», from the idea of creating a «MolluscaBase - Seashells of the World», dedicated to the Malacology of marine molluscs, from the World and Portugal. Initially the MolluscaBase will have about 1000 specimens, which can correspond to more than 800 different species...
This new personal stage corresponds to an enormous online work. When everything is finished, it will be many and many hundreds of hours producing the pages contents, classification and other details. Thousands of photos selected to transform this online space, unique in Portugal and one of the most important, at the worldwide level... see the final Page Here.

As long as everything is not completed, I continue to count on your visit. With your online buys, which have contributed a lot to the maintenance and continuation of the website. For those who are not interested in buying online, in any of my articles, can always make a donation (small or big) to help with the maintenance of the website, through my associated PayPal email:
It remains for your consideration and sympathy. Thanks

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