Other families of seashells

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Seashells are a "fharaonic" whim of nature. Improved beauty over millions of years of natural evolution...                                                                                                                On this page I present several shells of different species, representing the most popular families of Malacology. 

Gastropoda - Gastropods have the greatest numbers of named mollusc species. However, estimates of the total number of gastropod species vary widely, depending on cited sources. The number of gastropod species can be ascertained from estimates of the number of described species of Mollusca with accepted names: about 85,000 (minimum 50,000, maximum 120,000).[9] But an estimate of the total number of Mollusca, including undescribed species, is about 240,000 species.[10] The estimate of 85,000 molluscs includes 24,000 described species of terrestrial gastropods.[9] - wikipedia

Hardy's Internet Guide to Marine Gastropods (Other families)

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Fasciolariidae FASCIOLARIINAE - (Family & Genera)

HARPIDAE Harpinae (Family & Genera)