J.P OLiveira - Colletions                                                                        The current study of science is increasingly an evolutionary process, always with new discoveries or improvements, in its concept in general, Malacology could not be an exception to the rule...
Improvements in the analysis of the Taxonomy of Molluscs study have led to major changes in the general classification of Gastropoda & Bivalvia. One of the families that suffered these changes; The CYMATIIDAE family is no longer valid (although widely used). Now, it became RANELIIDAE... 

Taxonomy of gastropods of the families Ranellidae (= Cymatiidae) and Bursidae. Part 1. Adoption of Ranellidae, and review of Linatella Gray, 1857 - New Zealand Journal of Zoology 

Hardy's Internet Guide to Marine Gastropods

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NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM ROTTERDAM - Mollusca - Gastropoda - RanellidaeCymatiidae

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