Setúbal VS Sesimbra

Portugal. Fishing Port of Setúbal. Fishing nets. 2015
Portugal. Fishing Port of Setúbal. Fishing nets. 2015

For several years I caught many and many shells in the fishing nets, along the old Fishing Port of Setúbal. Many and pleasant hours untangle shells from nets, dirtys and smelly. Of these shells caught in the nets, count up some beautiful Bivalves of the familly Pectinidae.

In current times, the tendency is to transform everything that is old, into new things, but without history, nor soul. Just beautiful, for tourists to see.. In the renovated Fishing Port, on the new waterfront, the fishing nets no longer lie on the ground, dirty and smelly. The port now incorporates a renewed tourist waterfront, like so many others in the World...                                                                                                    

From the old Fishing Port, only the nostalgia of the past remains...                                                                                                                                                                                           J.P Oliveira

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Cemetery of old wooden fishing boats.  Troia, sado River. Setúbal

Fishing Port of Setúbal and Sesimbra