Seashells of the World

My fascination with shells was born more than 30 years ago, transforming me since then into a specialized collector, in inexhaustible hours of pleasure in the preparation and conservation of the shells, or simply in their cataloguing. 

Note: I also leave the message to future collectors and those who have long been engaged in malacology, who are awareness of the preservation of the species and their natural habitat, not collecting more specimens of the various species, than those that are necessary to have a pleasantly beautiful collection of pedagogical interest.

J.P Oliveira - Collection

Seashells of the world:

The seashells have amazed us all since ancient times. Its curious shapes, bright colors and huge spectacular species, put them among the most fascinating creations of nature. Live jewels from the seas all over the world, possessing unique characteristics that make them a pleasant object of study and collecting.

This fascination and passion for shells also took me to travel, to discover the pleasure of personally catch some of these wonderful species of sea shells (PHilippines, 2007 - India, 2009/2016 - Thailand, 2011 - Japan, 2017). In these places, I plunged into the warm waters of th e Pacific and Indian, among the corals, or in the tangle of the roots of the Mangues, where I caught numerous specimens of shells.

These shells, which are still part of my collection today. Whenever possible I will add more and better photos, as well as other families of species shells to the gallery. Suggestions and corrections will always be welcome...

        J.P Oliveira

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