Fossils and Places of Portugal



Collecting and finding fossils can be a very interesting hobby. In both cases, requires some technical knowledge to be able to enjoy in full the pleasure that the fossils can give us...

More than 20 years I have traveled through many places in Portugal, for collect fossils from various geological periods. The collect of fossils in particular fossils of Dinosaurs, along the coast of Portugal by the sea, with big slopes and high cliffs, is a great challenge and a high security risk. Only the crazy, adventure in these dangerous adventures. I am one of those few crazy who do this, with great pleasure...


It is very evident in almost all regions, particularly along the coast. Here on the site, you can find reference to some of the largest fossiliferous outcrops in Portugal. They are described and distributed over several geological periods. Many of these fossiliferous outcrops are becoming less accessible and some, have simply disappeared. Urban expansion, along the coast, intensive agriculture in this range and other adverse factors, have contributed to the disappearance of these rich fossiliferous outcrops. Perhaps one of the biggest problems is really, the negligence of non-preservation of these areas. In Portugal, the sensitivity and will to preserve some of these magnificent places is almost nonexistent. The few collectors who catch and collecting fossils are criticized, but these places are terraced with concrete or asphalt and always, with the sympathetic argument, of public interest...

Adverse natural factors

In last years, there has been a rapid erosion of fossiliferous outcrops. Particularly in the cliffs along of our Atlantic coastline, probably consequence of the increase of the sea and adverse climatic extremes, among others. From these circumstances, it has resulted in a marked loss of the irreplaceable Paleontological Heritage of Portugal.

Conclusion: It is getting harder to find good specimens of fossil species, in Portugal, particularly fossils of Dinosaur, because of all these described circumstances.

Fossils, are an increasingly rare wonder to find...

Although the Jurassic Formation of Lourinhã - (in Portugal) is similar to the Formation of Morrison - (in North America) or with the Formation of Tendaguru (in Tanzania) the geography of both formations is completely different, both in appearance and in dimensions of productive area. The Lourinhã Formation is relatively small in comparation to there similar. Most of the fossils caught in this formation, come from a small coastal strip of difficult access. The areas most likely to encounter good dinosaur fossils, are found on the escarpment cliffs. This fact, makes the collect of fossils very difficult and dangerous. Finding good fossils of Dinosaurs from the Upper Jurassic in Portugal, is sometimes a great adventure...

Fossil Rarity in Portugal

Fossils of Portugal: Specimens of several species presented here are fossils caught, selected and prepared by us, some specimens are part of my private collection. Having as to meet demand and interest from some discerning collectors worldwide.

Classification: The specimens are sorted by species (where possible), where they were caught and degree of rarity.

Uncommon - Rare - Very rare and Extremely rare

The degree of rarity is associated with the occurrence of species in Portugal and perfection of the specimens submitted. Possibly some of the rare species in Portugal, may be common in any other part of the world... classification of rarity has sole discretion as to my experience as a Collector Of Over 20 Years dedicated to collecting fossils, the most varied places of Portugal. Not probably, this ranking official scientifically...

About the trade and classification of fossils  

No classifying my fossils, with exotic classifications, whose sole purpose is simply to sell "cat by hare" and get some additional value. To the best of my abilities, I will only focus to add to the information of the fossil, the genus. And, only when I have enough information can I add the name of the species, which corresponds to the fossil.

Here is the opinion of a great american collector, of Dinosaurs of the Jurassic in The fossil forum: "Everyone will have a different definition of what an exotic tooth is depending on the level of their collection. I have been collecting for over twenty years and my experience is mixed and would raise the caution flag with online purchases. First like Regg stated a number of dealers use exotic names as a marketing tool to sell teeth for profit. Unfortunately eBay is filled with this technique. Other dealers simply accept what is told to them when they purchased the item for resale and are happy to do so because of the upside. Dinosaur teeth can be very difficult to ID and I hate to say it but very few dealers can adequately do it. You have to become well versed in what you are buying and become an expert. You also have to get to know the dealer and find out where he obtained the tooth, who ID it and if you can return the item.

To answer the initial question my experience is that most real exotic teeth rarely make it to the public market. Most reputable dealers have a listing of their favorite clients and will contact them as soon as they obtain a specimen."

 Dinosaurs 101 | National Geographic

Cliffs of Upper Jurassic -Lourinhã Formation

This fact, makes the collect of fossils very difficult and dangerous. Finding good fossils of Dinosaurs from the Upper Jurassic in Portugal, is sometimes a great adventure...


                 Texts and photos from: J.P oliveira