Seashells of Portugal

 J.P Oliveira - Collection

Note: This gallery is about the theme of Collection Seashells of Portugal, aiming at the dissemination of our vast and rich fauna of marine molluscs.

I also leave the message to future collectors and those who have long been engaged in malacology, who are awareness of the preservation of the species and their natural habitat, not collecting more specimens of the various species, than those that are necessary to have a pleasantly beautiful collection of pedagogical interest.

J.P Oliveira  

Seashells of Portugal                                                                        

All photos of the specimens of the various species, presented here are from the private collection (J.P Oliveira), collected over several years, from north to south on the coast of Portugal. Many of the rare species or of deep water that is difficult to obtain, have been kindly given, by various fishermen... my, sincere thanks.

I hope somehow, will contribute to help divulgation the beauty and diversity of our malacological fauna and the taste for this theme of collecting.

Seashells of Portugal - Intruduction to the Collection

He was the great pioneer of Oceanography in Portugal and in the World, adopting and improvising, himself, research apparatus and chemical formulas of his own. He has systematically harvested a big variety of marine species, including many species of mollusks along the coast, between the abyssal and the coastline. It is due to him of the current knowledge of Portuguese Oceanography...


After followed, Professor Augusto Nobre (1865-1946, naturalist and college professor, devoted valuable studies to the malacological fauna of Portugal), took care to compile the information of shells collected by the foreign oceanographic ships that walked along our coasts, in the time of King D. Carlos, besides several harvests that himself proceeded on the coastline. The publications of his works about malacology take to identification of about 1200 species, currently more than 1600 are known.

Currently, there are not many current publications on the Portuguese malacological fauna, it stands out however a magnificent publication of Verbo, published in 1998 (Conchas Marinhas de Portugal, by Maria Cândida Consolado Macedo). The publication was edited with the sponsorship of Shell Portuguesa, in time of the World Expo in Lisbon - Expo'98.

J.P Oliveira