Here you will find several examples of forms of payment ...

In the menu, the articles, in the box, you will find several sub boxes with various items (ex. fossils, shells and other)Next to each item, has a button (View Cart), can carry one or more if it is the case you want to buy more than one item . Automatically they will all be added, showing the final price when you press (checkout).

The payments are added to all Paypal. For those who know this form of electronic payment and have an account, you already know how to pay and that this is one of the safest forms of payment on the Internet . For those who have never used nor the Paypal account, no problem.  

Paypal accepts most credit cards, even if no Paypal account, simply click on the relevant option (No PayPal account?)

Attention: How to pay - Below each ITEM will find their Paypal buttons to make the payment. They may find one or two buttons, depending on the amount payable for freight, (Europe) or (Rest of World). Choose what fits to your destination of origin. Remove the buttons that might be more at: REMOVE, thus rectifies the correct value.

Confirm the price and code (ex. 39,90 euros - Cod.Lusitano01)

For those who prefer to pay by bank transfer *

0003 6228 1421
0007 0000 00362281421 23
PT50 0007 0000 0036 2281 4212 3

* Note: If you opt for bank transfer payment option, has a 10% discount on all items + discounts on shipping costs, depending on the destination.

* 20% discounts in their purchases worth more than 250.00 euros.

* More personalized.

* Offers.

Opt-mail: CTT Express - the charging ports + = value + custom rate charge.

Address to indicate the time of purchase, via e mail.

Whatever your payment option, you have our absolute guarantee of delivery of items upon receipt.


Note: This is a website, is limited to the various formats available. The shopping cart is still not perfect ... this moment is possible.

If anyone has any suggestions or want to collaborate in order to improve this space ... contact me for email: 

 thank you

J.P Oliveira


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