Ceratosaurus indet. - Sold. United States, 2021...

Formation / Deposit: Lourinhã formation, Portugal

Layear and Age: Upper Jurassic (Kimmeridgian)

Taxonomy: Ceratosauridae

Elements: Ceratosaurus indet, tooth

Note: 100% natural. No repair 3%

Inventory number: REF: TH.48

Site / Zone: Lourinhã, 2021

Rarity: Very, very rare

Size: Tooth - 32.56mm x 13.68mm x 12.82mm

Collectors: J.P. Oliveira

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Tooth description: Magnificent and very rare tooth of Theropod, it is probably a premolar tooth of Ceratosaurus (...). The tooth is extremely robust, characteristic of a terrible and big carnivore from the Upper Jurassic. A "beast", meat chusher and bones...                                                                                                              This is the second or third tooth of this genus, which I can find in more than 20 years of collecting dinosaur fossils from the Upper Jurassic. A very rare and museological fossil, to be acquired and kept precious...

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