PEN - Fossil preparation - For sale...

A pneumatic tool modified and adapted for cleaning fossil only, from a classic recorder model - Chicago Pneumatic. Sweden quality tool.

This tool has been tested by me. It is working at 100%. This model was for a long time my favorite Pen. I prepared many and many fossils with this model of Pen. I still have this model in my preparation lab... I love this Pen.

It has a robust body made of hard steel. This beautiful tool, never stops working... It comes originally with a standard tip (cut), ideal for finishing work.I added to this tool a longer tip, to work with more space between the tip of the Pen and the Fossil. Both tips are made of Tungsten Carbide, of high hardness.This model has an average air consumption (6-7 bar), ideal for working with small air compressors. The Pen, has a good working performance in relatively hard and medium hardness matrices. Ideal for finishing and precision work. When treated well, it does small miracles. This is one of my favorite work tools, ever... - Supplied with 1.5 mtr of small bore hosing and 1/4"BSP extra adaptor + Long needle fine .

Price: 280 euros 

Shipping costs: Europe - 17 euros - Rest of the world - 23.50 euros

280.00 €