Theropod indet. (Tooth). For Sale, 2020...

Formation / Deposit: Lourinhã formation, Portugal

Layear and Age: Upper Jurassic (Kimmeridgian)


Elements: Teropod indet. (tooth)

Note: 100% natural. No repair 0%

Inventory number: REF: TH.43

Site / Zone: Lourinhã, 2020

Rarity: Very rare

Size: Tooth - 14.69mm x 6.22mm x 4.27mm

Collectors: J.P. Oliveira

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Tooth description: This is not one of the best Theropod teeth I have ever found, but it has some very interesting particularities... among these particularities is the fact that it seems to me to be something different from the ones I have found... The tooth is small, but with a serration big and strong, interesting feature for a tooth of this size. Looking at the part that is broken, it seems to me that it is a replacement tooth...                                    It may not be the best I have ever found, but it is certainly a good Theropod tooth.

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