Torvosaurus sp. (...) tooth - Sold. Europe, 2021...

Formation / Deposit: Lourinhã formation, Portugal

Layear and Age: Upper Jurassic (Kimmeridgian)

Taxonomy: Megalosauridae

Elements: Megalosaurid (Probably a Torvosaurus sp. tooth)

Note: 100% natural. Repair 5%

Inventory number: REF: TH.46

Site / Zone: Lourinhã, 2013

Rarity: Very, very rare

Size: Tooth - 80.41mm x 31.41mm x 11.71mm

Collectors: J.P. Oliveira

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This is one of the most wonderful teeth of Theropod, that I have ever found. A jewel. Currently, finding big Theropod teeth and with this state of preservation, it is extremely difficult. This beautiful tooth has been in my collection since the time I found it in 2013. After all these years having been part of the booty of my collection, perhaps now it is time to be part of another collection...

What I am offering, is something that few sellers can offer, to collectors... not only the tooth is magnificent, but I also provide information about the finding and preparation. This fact must also be taken into account by all those who want to acquire a fossil of this quality and value. How many sellers can offer what I'm offering...                             

Observation: As it is visible in the photos, this was one of the findings that made me more nervous. The prospect of removing a big tooth in a completely fragmented and rotten matrix, it's something scary. A bad step, it is a tooth lost forever... fortunately, it was successful in extracting the tooth!                                                                Also, as documented in the photos, the tip was loose. The work of solidification and preparation of the tooth, was meticulously done in order to preserve 100% the original shape of the fossil. At the top of the crown of the distal carina, there is a slight misalignment of the saw resulting from the natural compression of fossilization. Part of that misalignment could have been corrected... My choice regarding fossils is to keep everything as natural as possible. In this way, only the tip was bonded, clean and fully solidified, plus the restoration of the fissures.

The classification of these teeth is not my specialty. My specialty is finding, preparing and selling fossils. I will keep the possibility this tooth be of Torvosaurus sp., for the characteristics that it presents. Anyone who has the opposite opinion in relation to this classification, and can prove me wrong, please feel free to contact me.                                                                                                                                            

Attention: Make your offers and please wait for me to answer them. As I have several customers in different Continents, I may take some time to answer any offers or questions you may have, but I will answer all emails in the order they arrive in my email box. Thanks

Good luck with your offers. Excellent fossil to add to the collection. Unique opportunity... 

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