Two caudal vertebrae of stegosaurus - Sold. United States, 2020...

Formation / Deposit: Lourinhã formation, Portugal

Layear and Age: Upper Jurassic

Taxonomy: Stegosauridae

Elements: Stegosaurid indet., (Two caudal vertebrae)

Note: 100% natural. Repair 0,5%

Inventory number: REF: VS.03

Site / Zone: Lourinhã, 2013

Rarity: Very, very rare - Opportunity...

Size: Vertebrae -113.12mm x 73.74mm x 42.49mm / 102.50mm x 91.65mm x 42.60mm

Collectors: J.P. Oliveira

Price: 0.00 euros - Contact the seller / Sold. United States, 2020...

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The teeth of Stegosaurus are a big rarity, which makes of them the "Holy Grail" of the fossils of Herbivorous of the Upper Jurassic of Portugal.