Very rare fossil Portuguese, Netpunus granulatus...

About the fossils of Portugal

Fossils of Portugal: specimens of several species presented here are fossils caught, selected and prepared by us, some specimens are part of my private collection. Having as to meet demand and interest from some discerning collectors worldwide.

Occurrence of fossils in Portugal: is very evident in almost all regions, particularly along the coast. Here, can find some of the biggest fossil deposits, distributed by various geological periods. Much of the best fossiliferous deposits are becoming less accessible, some have simply disappeared. Urban sprawl has greatly contributed to this fact, particularly along the coast. The neglect of non-preservation of these areas is another problem that has contributed to its gradual disappearance. The rapid erosion in recent years, in some platforms fossil cliffs on the shoreline navy has also aggravate your disappearance regressive form of this irreplaceable paleontological heritage. It is increasingly difficult, finding good specimens of fossil species in Portugal. Many species are virtually impossible to get back to be collected, some are only possible to see in old private collections or museums.

Classification: The specimens are sorted by species (where possible), where they were caught and degree of rarity.

Uncommon - Rare - Very rare and extremely rare.

The degree of rarity is associated with the occurrence of species in Portugal and perfection of the specimens submitted. Possibly some of the rare species in Portugal, may be common in any other part of the world... classification of rarity has sole discretion as to my experience as a collector of over 15 years dedicated to collecting fossils, the most varied places of Portugal. Not probably, this ranking official scientifically...

The fossils presented in this gallery are exclusively being sold.

J.P Oliveira