Ammonites - Bifericeras

More specimens...29,75 euros


Magnificent and rare fossil ammonite pyritized and silicified, in matrix original. This well-preserved specimen, has a beautiful golden color on one side. In another see of crystallization resulting from the silicification process permineralization silica, sulfur and iron over millions of years.

Species: Bifericeras (...)  


Location: Year 2012 - Portugal

Period: Jurassic

Price: 29,75 euros

Grade: Rare, these conditions of fossilization.

SizeFossil - 23 mm x 19 mm Matrix - 44,5 mm x 44,5 mm x 10 mm approx. 

Weight -20g approx.

Shipping costs:  Europe - 3,50 euros - Cod.bifericeras02c

Rest of the world: 4,70 euros - Cod.bifericeras02d

The shipping time: Two to three days for Europe. Rest of the world, about a week to anywhere. approx. (CTT Portugal Post)

Shipping option: Expedition boat - 20 days or more. 30% cheaper in all Shipping costs. Contact the seller -

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