Collection J.P Oliveira - Fossils of Portugal

Pseudodiadema sp.



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Fossils of Portugal



Scientific illustration

Fig. 1 Liopleurodon rossicus

Fig. 2 - Mandible fragment of Liopleurodon ? - Portugal


Scientific illustration

Fig. 1  Koreaceratops hwaseongensis - Early Cretaceous

Fig. 2  Koreaceratops hwaseongensis - The First Ceratopsian dinosaur in the Korean peninsula

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Pseudodiadema schluteri

About the collecting of fossils

Fossils from Portugal

Welcome to my page collection of fossils. After Malacology, the place also came to the passion for paleontology, and already in my collection with many beautiful marine fossils from Portugal, harvested and prepared for me, from our coast. For over 15 years, I was joining an extraordinary...

Collection J.P Oliveira - Fossil coast of Portugal

Fossils of Portugal

Salenia lusitanica

Bifericeras sp.

Pencten sp.