Collection J.P. Oliveira - Seashells of Portugal

Chlamys flexuosa



Fishing Port of Setubal - 2013


Seashells of Portugal

The Dragoshells-jp, presents this gallery on the theme of collecting Sea Shells of Portugal, having as objective the dissemination of our vast and rich fauna of marine mollusks. All photographs of specimens of various species presented here are from the private collection (JP Oliveira), collected over several years, from north to south on the coast of Portugal. Many of the rarest species of deepwater or difficult to obtain, were kindly provided by several fishermen... my thanks.

I hope that somehow, will contribute to help spread the beauty and diversity of our mollusc fauna and the taste for this theme of collecting. I also leave a message to future collectors and those longtime dedicated to Malacology, having the awareness raising of the preservation of the species in their natural habitat, not collecting more specimens of various species, than those who are required to have a collection nicely beautiful and interest teaching.

J.P. Oliveira

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Argonauta argo - Portugal 2007


Fishing Port of Setubal - 2013


Living jewels of the River Sado, Setubal - Portugal

Species: Chlamys flexuosa, Poli 1795 - Chlamys varia, Linnaeus 1758 - Aequipecten opercularis, Linnaeus 1758 - Pecten maximus, Linnaeus 1758



Fishing Port of Setubal - 2013

Fishing Port of Sesimbra - 2013

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Collection J.P. Oliveira - Seashells of Portugal

Trivia monacha, da Costa 1778

Santa Cruz, Azul beach - magnificent specimenof big dimensions 13mm x 9,5mm x 0,8mm

Chlamys flexuosa

Aequipencten opercularis

 form, Lineata da Costa, 1778

Pencten maximus

Albino form - rare

Fishing port of Setubal - 2013

Fishing port of Sesimgra - 2013

Beach Figueirinha - Arrábida 2013