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- Collecting shells -

The seashells us all wonder since ancient times. Their curious shapes, bright colors and their spectacular models, put them among the most fascinating creations of nature.  Jewels of the living seas throughout the world, people with unique features that make them a nice view of study and collecting.

My fascination with shells was born more than 20 years, transforming me into a collector since then specialized in endless hours of pleasure in the preparation and preservation of the shells, or simply in your catalog.

This fascination and passion for shells also prompts me to travel (Philippines India 2007-2009 - Thailand 2011), where I had the pleasure of diving in the warm waters of the Pacific and Indian oceans, between reefs, the tangle of mangrove roots and pick list examples shells, which are now part of my collection.

Soon will add more and better pictures, as well as other families of species of shells to the gallery. Suggestions and corrections, Seram always welcome...

J.P Oliveira


Murex palmarosae

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Seashells of the world



Stellaria solaris



Babelomurex spinosus, Hirase 1908




Strombus (canarium) urceus urceus, Linné 1758 - Palawan, Philippines 2007


Cochlespiro pulchella semiplota, Powell 1969

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Conus petergabrieli, Lorenz 2006

Coyo Isl. Philippines

Rare species, offer of Dr. Felix Lorenz, Malacologist.

Conus marmoreus - Palawan, Philippines 2007

Mikadotrochus hirasei

Conus hirasei

Conus textile

Cypraea guttata

Turbo (Marmarostoma) argyrostomus, Linné 1758  Palawan, Philippines 2007

Lambis chiragra

Cyphoma macumba

Mikadotrochus hirasei