Echinolampas hemisphaericus

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Echinolampas hemisphaericus, fantastic Fossil Sea urchin, in excellent state of perfection and without any kind of repair. At the top of the petals together, it still contains some remnants of natural deposits. 100% perfect, magnificent museum piece. Extremely rare in Portugal under these conditions.

Species: Echinolampas hemisphaericus
author: Agassiz
Location: Year 2000, Sesimbra - Portugal
Period: Miocene

Price: Sold, Spain

Grade: Rare, these conditions of fossilization.
Size: Fossil - 98 mm x 93 mm x 40 mm approx

Shipping costs: Europe - 9,50 euros - Cod.E.hemisphaericus02c

Rest of the world: 12,50 euros - Cod.E.hemisphaericus02d

The shipping time: Two to three days for Europe. Rest of the world, about a week to anywhere. approx. (CTT Portugal Post)

Shipping option: Expedition boat - 20 days or more. 30% cheaper in all Shipping costs. Contact the seller -


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