Spirula spirula, Linnaeus 1758

Nautilus and Argonauta, live...videos YouTube.



Spirula spirula, Linnaeus 1758

Magnificent seashell, the family of Nautilus (Nautilidae). In life the shell is inside the animal, as in squid and cuttlefish, swimming for all the Oceans. Picked up dead on the beach of Santa Cruz - Torres Vedras.



Live animal - Spirula spirula



  Nautilus pompilius, Linnaeus 1758             Diagram of the anatomical structure of a female



Very beautiful and extremely rare Argonauta argo, caught in Portugal.



The specimen is part of my private collection. Caught dead in 2007, in Praia da Peralta - Lourinhã. The specimen was kindly provided by Mr. Luis, a lover of fishing, which was lucky to find it so intact at low tide...




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Spirula spirula

Shell inside the mantle is shown in the illustration.

Nautilus Live

Nautilus showing the camera

Nautilus - Polished

Argonauta argo - Linnaeus, 1758

Animal and Shell

Argonauta argo - Animal

Argonauta argo - Scientific illustration

Nautilus - Handicraft

Argonauta argo - Handicraft