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Forms of Payment  and shipping orders


The shipping time: Two or three days for Europe. Rest of the world, about a week to anywhere. approx. (CTT-Portugal Post)

Shipping option: Expedition boat - 20 days or more. 30% cheaper in all Shipping costs. 

Option by mail: CTT expressed to recovery - Shipping costs + value of the order  + recovery rate. Contact the seller: dragoshells.jp@gmail.com


How to pay: Paypal accepts most credit cards, even if no Paypal account, simply click on the relevantoption (No PayPal account?)

Attention: How to pay - Below each ITEM will find their Paypal buttons to make the payment. They may find one or two buttons, depending on the amount payable forfreight, (Europe) or (Rest of World). Choose what fits to your destination of origin.Remove the buttons that might be more at: REMOVE, thus rectifies the correct value. Confirm the price and code (ex. 39,90 euros - Cod.Lusitano01)


For those who prefer to pay by bank transfer*



Account 0003 6228 1421
NIB 0007 0000 00362281421 23
IBAN PT50 0007 0000 0036 2281 4212 3


More information at: Forms of Payment  and shipping orders


Note: This form of payment is for all ITEMS 

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Benefit from discounts by paying by bank transfer


*Benefit from discountsby paying by bank transfer.

*Shipping costs cheaper.

*Discounts of 20% on their purchases worthmore than EUR 250.00.

*More personalized.