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Regional Costume in Portugal

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Regional Costume in Portugal is not a deep scientific anthropological study but a "voyage through the way Portuguese people dressed in the past" and a magnificent compilition of images that illustrate those traditions. Resgional Costumes in Portugal is and important refence book for whoever wishes to discover, know and love one of the most attractive and original aspects of the complex individuality and owerful personality of the Portuguese people.

Name: Regional Costume in Portugal

Author: Tomaz Ribas - Ethnologist

Price: 35,90 euros - We have several copies to sell books, at good price.

Language: English

Dimensions: 28,5 cm x 25 cm

Pages: 251

weight: 1500g

Shipping Costs: Europe - 12,50 euros Cod.Regional01 

United States and rest of the world - 19,90 euros - Cod.Regional01a

The shipping time: Two to three days for Europe. Rest of the world, about a week to anywhere. approx. (CTT Portugal Post)

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