Feast of San Pedro Gonçalves 2013 - (Feast of the Fishermen)

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Feast in honor of San Pedro Gonçalves, patron saint of fishermen.


Held on 7 and 8 September 2013, at the pier of the Porto da Vila, organized by the Association of Fishermen of Santa Maria. And I had the great pleasure of having participated in this beautiful religious event. Although it is not, convinced adherent of any religion... but respect and admire the religious convictions of those people. Humble people of God, who dwells in faith, in the past tortuous hours in a raging sea of fury damaged in pursuit of their livelihood...

My trip to Santa Maria, closed with a flourish... in my name and my family, I thank this opportunity and kindly granted by the master of the boat Baia da Cré - Vila do Porto, we provided a big unexpected pleasure. Our many thanks.

J.P OLiveira

My wife - Catarina

And daughter - Patrícia


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Fisherman boats festooned