Fossils of Santa Maria - Azores 2013

Gigantopecten latissimus, Brocchi - 

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Fossils of Santa Maria


Santa Maria, "is the only place in the Azores where marine fossils are known. Certainly exist in other islands, but only in Santa Maria is already spent enough time for the process to withdraw the erosive lava flows that covered, leaving exposed the fossiliferous deposits. The oldest fossils of Santa Maria, were dated to about 5 million years. On some formations traquibasáltico character, are extensive fossil deposits, embedded in limestone deposits of marine origin, formed over a period of transgression in which the ocean would meet about 40 feet above the current average level of the sea. In Santa Maria are about 15 known deposits of late Miocene and early Pliocene, aged between five and seven million years ago, and three fossil deposits Plistocénicas, aged between 130 and 117 thousand years."


Travel route to the fossils of Santa Maria


My trip to Santa Maria, had as main purpose to see these magnificent fossil deposits. It was very interesting to see the wealth of these fossiliferous deposits, in particular the deposit of Pedra-que-Pica... the expedition to this area proved to be a real adventure to get there. But it was worth...

For a collector (Fossil Sea Shells of Portugal) as I can sometimes have the opportunity to travel in the relentless pursuit of the pleasure of rediscovering these magnificent and unique places in the world. Transform a long-held dream, a reality the climax of the manly pleasures of life. And Holy Mary, the dream has pre-designed some time to reality, a reality rather exciting...

J.P Oliveira

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Environmental Interpretation Center Dalberto Pombo, Vila do Porto. Permanent exhibition of fossils of Santa Maria.

Fossil deposit - Pedra-que-Pica

Clypeaster altus, Leske 1778

Cetacean fossil, discovered in Santa Maria. Fossil find, very rare.