Very nice Clypeaster


Clypeaster laganoidesthe same area as the Clypeaster (Cod.cl01), but an extract stiffer, which extends the cliff wedge by sea. This extract, which consists of marly clay layers rich in higher quantities of fossil speciesIt is more common to find several species of Clypeasters there, including the unusual, Clypeaster laganoides. 

The specimen has a small part of the original matrix which is based. About the petals, has a small flaw in the bark round the black stain on the left edge, it is natural fossilization. Excellent piece of collection.

Species: Clypeaster laganoides
Author: Agassiz
Location: Year 1998, Sesimbra - Portugal
Period: Miocene

Grade: Not common, these conditions of fossilization.
Size and weight: Fossil - 116mm 108mm x 22 mm

Weight - 400g approx.

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