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Neptunus granulatus

Description: Magnificent museum piece. 100% natural. This piece of crab fossil Miocene, in original matrix, without any repair. The fossil and matrix are perfectly preserved and solidified.

J.P. Oliveira fossils collection
Formation / Deposit: The Tejo-Sado basin, Portugal
Geological Time: Miocene - Burdigaliano
Class: Malacostraca - Order: Decapoda - Superfamily: Portunidae
 Elements: Neptunus granulatus
 Author: H. M. Edwards, 1834
Inventory number: Cod.N.granulatus.01 Date: 2001
Site / Zone: Sesimbra Rarity: Extremely rare, these 
conditions of fossilization
Collectors: J.P. Oliveira
Size: Crab - 91mm x 64mm approx. Matrix - 95mm x 107mm x 40mm approx.
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