Oceanography in Portugal

King Carlos de Bragança (1889 -1908)


King Carlos of Bragança, was the great pioneer of Oceanography in Portugal and in the world, adopting and improvising itself, research facilities and chemical formulas of his own. Proceeded systematically harvests in countless marine species including also many species of shellfish along the coast, between the abyss and the coast. We owe him much of the current knowledge of Portuguese Oceanography...

King Carlos aboard the Amelia II, one of its oceanographic...



Steamboat - Amélia 

It followed, then, Professor Augusto Nobre (1865-1946, naturalist and professor, studies devoted valuable mollusc fauna of Portugal), took care to compile the information gathered by oceanographic vessels shells foreigners who walked behind our backs, in the time of King Carlos, and several crops that he himself proceeded on the coast. The publications of his works on malacologia led to the identification of about 1200 species are currently known over 1600. 

Currently, there are not many current publications on the mollusc fauna Portuguese, there is however a magnificent publication edited by Verbo 1998 (Sea Shells of Portugal, Maria Candida Consolado Macedo). The publication was produced with sponsorship from Shell Portuguesa, at the time of the Lisbon World Exposition - Expo '98.

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