Otala lactea



Morphological Description: Otala lactea - Shell, round compressed; whitish color to shades of yellow-brown, with bands in shades of black. Peristoma extended often spatulate; inside the mouth and peristoma color brown to almost black with constant limit Columellar margin thickened callus on or toothed. No navel. Very variable.

Species: Otala lactea

Author: O.F. Mülar, 1774

Origin: Sintra 2005


Rarity: common

Grade: f++/f+++

Size: 35 mm x 27 mm - 34,5 mm x 26,5 mm approx.

weight: 9 gramas approx. 

Shipping Costs: Europe 3,40 euros - Cod.otala01c

Rest of world - 4,30 euros - Cod.otala01d

Shipping time: Two to three days for Portugal and Europe. Rest of the world, about a week to anywhere. approx. (CTT Portugal Post)