Schizaster scillae


Schizaster scillae, this is a small specimen that is in very good condition and very beautiful, is perfectly preserved in the original array, without any repair. The bottom surface has a small flaw on the board just outside the anus. Excellent piece of collection.

Species: Schizaster scillae
Author: Desor
Location: Year 2011, Sesimbra - Portugal
Period: Miocene

Grade: Uncommon
Size and weight: Fossil - 41.5 mm x 39 mm 25 mm Matrix -130 mm x 70 mm x 34 mm

Weight - 300g approx.

The shipping time: Two to three days for Europe. Rest of the world, about a week to anywhere. approx. (CTT Portugal Post)

Shipping option: Expedition boat - 20 days or more. 30% cheaper in all Shipping costs. Contact the seller -