Scutella lusitanica


Scutella lusitanica, a beautiful and delicate sea-urchin fossil with a beautiful color and a very good state of fossilization. The color is a result of the extract reddish fossiliferous limestone. In general the extracts are too hard, in order to extract any fossil in perfect condition. In some flaws of the compound layer is formed by small areas softer, where sometimes it can extract some of these good fossils. The specimen has a small flaw in the left edge.

Species: Scutella lusitanica
Author: P. de Loriol
Location: Year 2005, Sesimbra - Portugal
Period: Miocene

Price: Sold
Grade: Very unusual, in these conditions of fossilization.
Size and weight: Fossil - 87 mm x 89 mm x 11 mm

Weight - 100g approx.

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