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The Dragoshells-JP, this gallery presents a selection of seashells selected the most diverse seas in the world. The species here in this section are example of some rarity, with some unique features, high quality beauty and perfection of the specimens represented in several families malacological.

Next to each specimen, is a small factsheet description of example: name, location, grade of perfection and others, who help  the basic classification.

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J.P Oliveira


Magnificent classic of rarities, Conus gloriamaris, with operculum. Specimen taken alive, with a beautiful color and great state of perfection.

Conus gloriamaris

Author: Chermnitz, 1777

Origin: Philippines - Punta Engaño, Cebu 

Price: 175,00 euros

Grade: F+++/Gem - Rare, when great and perfect

weight: 10 grams

Date: 2007

Shipping Costs: Europe and rest of world - 3,50 - Cod.gloriamaris01b



 Name: Nautilus pompilius 

Author: Linné, 1758   

Origin: Philippines  Bohol 

Price: 37,50 euros 

Dimensions: 175 mm 

Grade: f+++/f+++ 

Uncommon these dimensions  

weight: 30 gramas 

Date: 2007

Shipping Costs: Europe 7,90 euros  - Cod.Nautilus01c 

Rest of world  - 9,90 euros - Cod.Nautilus01d



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