Sphaerechinus granularis

Lamarck, 1816 - more specimens...

Morphological Description: Sphaerechinus granularis - Skeleton Hemisphere. Concave lower face around the peristoma. Plates ambulacrárias tubers with two primary and four or five pairs of pores. Relatively common species in the sea of ​​Portugal, although it is quite rare copies of the appearance of large sizes (10 to 15cm), near the coast. Specimen with a beautiful color and in perfect preservation.

Species: Sphaerechinus granularis

Author: Lamarck, 1816

Origin: Portugal - Arrábida 2005


Rarity: common/rare when large

Grade: f+++/gem

Size: 43 mm x 23 mm aprox.

weight: 5 gramas

Shipping Costs: Europe 4,40 euros - Cod.sphaerechinus02c

Rest of world - 6,30 euros - Cod.sphaerechinus02d

Shipping time: Two to three days for Portugal and Europe. Rest of the world, about a week to anywhere. approx. (CTT Portugal Post)

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