Stegosaurus cervical vertebrae - Date for Capture: 2017-12-30 - For sale...


This beautiful and very, very rare vertebra of Alcobaça Formation, was found by my daughter, at one of our field trips on Saturday mornings.
This is without vanity, one of my best preparation work I've done... more than 50 hours of work. The vertebral bone, is in an extraordinary state. No marks or grooves, resulting from the matrix cleaning.
In the final cleaning, I used my new cleaning equipment (Portable Soda Blasting) for the first time, with the Sodium Carbonate abrasive. The result, it's fantastic... Leaves the bone very clean, no marks.

100% naturalThere were preserved in a clayey sandstones layer, so they are remarkably well preserved, and required very little restoration, other than some small gap fills in the cracks. This would be a great display piece for a museum or public institution.

I sincerely hope this is more of a fossil to your liking. This beautiful vertebra is much rarer than the ones that can catch in the Lourinhã Formation... In addition to this fact,  it had the excellent preparation work.

J.P. Oliveira

 Fossil Classification And Data Sheet:

J.P. Oliveira - Fossils Collection
Formation / Deposit: Alcobaça formation, Portugal
Layear and Age: Upper Jurassic
Taxonomy: Stegosauridae
Elements: Cervical vertebrae / Note: 100% natural
Inventory  number: REF: VT.01 Date: 2017-12-30
Site / Zone: Caldas da Rainha Rarity: Very, very rare
Size: Vertebra - 175mm x 135mm x 70mm approx. Matrix - 230mm x 175mm x 80mm approx
Collectors: J.P. Oliveira
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