The teeth of Torvosaurus are a big rarity, which makes of them the "Holy Grail" of the fossils of Theropods of the Upper Jurassic of Portugal.
Getting lucky to catch a tooth in perfect condition, is virtually even rarer to get...
This unfortunately, is not at this level of perfection desired. Still, is nonetheless a very interesting tooth, to be part of the best collections.
I classify this tooth as being complete. Because it is not with the broken point, but because it has a accentuated natural wear. Probably an old discarded tooth, resulting from replacement by another new tooth.
The preparation:
Generally I like to keep mine, fossils in the matrix... In this tooth, I have finally decided to remove it completely from the matrix.
This kind of matrix, when it begins to dry and without humidity internally, opens wide and deep cracks. Inevitably, this can bring stability problems to the fossil. To avoid this situation and also because the most interesting part of the tooth is inserted inside the matrix, I chose to completely remove the tooth.
J.P. Oliveira
Fossil Classification And Data Sheet:

J.P. Oliveira - Fossils Collection
Formation / Deposit: Lourinhã formation, Portugal
Layear and Age: Upper Jurassic (Kimmeridgian)
Taxonomy: Megalosauridae
Elements: Torvosaurus gurneyi., tooth 
Note: 100% natural. No repair 0%
Inventory  number: REF: TH.10 Date: 2018-03-20
Site / Zone: Lourinhã Rarity: Very, rare
Size: Tooth - 29.87mm x 14.97mm x 7.83mm
Collectors: J.P. Oliveira
Price: Contact the seller / make an offer... Sold. Russian Federation, 2018...
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