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From an abstract: For some time it was my desire, to bet on a section dedicated to the Dinosaur fossils of the Upper Jurassic of Portugal. Unfortunately for lack of time and fossils for sale, it has led me to postpone that bet on my site successively. Time has got, the fossils are still very scarce... The few fossils I am arranging, as a rule I sell directly, to some of the greatest collectors of the World.
It is not easy to find good dinosaur fossils, in Portugal. Many of these circumstances are due to the geographical characteristics and urban development of Portugal. Portugal, is a small country, the main fossiliferous platforms are hardly accessible and in many cases currently, completely inaccessible to collect fossils.
Although the Jurassic formation of Lourinhã - (in Portugal) is similar with the formation of Morrison - (in North America), or the Formation of Tendaguru - (in Tanzania), the geography of both formations are completely different, in aspect and size. All these facts, make it very difficult and dangerous to collect and find good fossils of Dinosaur of the Upper Jurassic in Portugal...
For over 20 years I have been traveling through many sites in Portugal to collect fossils from various geological periods. Collecting Dinosaur fossils, along this coast of Portugal by the sea, with large slopes and high cliffs, is a great challenge and a high security risk. Only the most crazy ones venture out on these dangerous adventures. I am one of those few crazy who do it with great pleasure...
The work of preparation: All my fossils are prepared by me. I'm not the big expert, but I have some good enough knowledge to be able to venture into that area as well. I am currently a volunteer preparer at the Lourinhã Museum. Also I contributing with some fossils, to the Museum collection.
All the fossils prepared by me, are simply cleaned and solidified. No, I am nothing adept at falsification or over artificial arrangements. All my fossils are 100% mineralized fossils. No, plastic parts, or other matters... who buys me a fossil, may have absolute assurance that this is buying a fossil, in the condition of fossil and not a piece of anything else. After selling any fossil, each one is free to do what he understands with the same. I do not criticize or support, the dicision of each. Only, I am not a great adept of perfection, in something that is hardly perfect after millions of years, until it is found and collected.
Neither will I be classifying my fossils, with exotic classifications, whose sole purpose is simply to sell "cat by hare" and get some additional value. To the best of my abilities, I will only focus to add to the information of the fossil, the genus. And, only when I have enough information can I add the name of the species, which corresponds to the fossil.
Here is the opinion of a great american collector, of Dinosaurs of the Jurassic in The fossil forum: "Everyone will have a different definition of what an exotic tooth is depending on the level of their collection. I have been collecting for over twenty years and my experience is mixed and would raise the caution flag with online purchases. First like Regg stated a number of dealers use exotic names as a marketing tool to sell teeth for profit. Unfortunately eBay is filled with this technique. Other dealers simply accept what is told to them when they purchased the item for resale and are happy to do so because of the upside. Dinosaur teeth can be very difficult to ID and I hate to say it but very few dealers can adequately do it. You have to become well versed in what you are buying and become an expert. You also have to get to know the dealer and find out where he obtained the tooth, who ID it and if you can return the item.

To answer the initial question my experience is that most real exotic teeth rarely make it to the public market. Most reputable dealers have a listing of their favorite clients and will contact them as soon as they obtain a specimen."

Link: www.thefossilforum.com/index.php?/topic/36120-exotic-dino-teeth/


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My modest fossils preparation workshop

The dangerous coast of the Jurassic of Portugal...

                                            Extraction of a Torvosaurus tooth                                                                          Torvosaurus Footprint            

Jurassic Coast of Portugal

The dangerous coast of the Jurassic of Portugal...